Inspired by the many roles of women, Womanhood showcase the female power and abilities in society. Showing that women can do anything and are strong in their own unique characters, this installation wishes to change the way world's perceives strengths. With #KelihatanCerdasnya as the main theme, Womanhood believes that empowered women are powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond any description.

Sponsored by: Brightgas



Trust your instinct and step into the creative and imaginative world of Intuition Space. Sharpen by experience, no wonder that our instinct is our trusted advisor. This installation will unwrap the colorful process of your intuitive flow, while at the same time enhance the mood and broaden up your mind.



Our mind is wonderful, yet mysterious. Complex, yet neat. Sometimes a chaos, but a beautiful one. This room guides you to embrace the tangled flickering pieces of your mind no matter how complicated they might seem. Just like what people say, there are a thousand ways to Rome, your mind holds a million ways to endless possibilities.



A little bit of peace is needed every now and then. Mind Sanctuary is created as a safe haven where you can reflect and think. All the pastel colors, completed with mirror and water elements will guarantee you get your head in the clouds. Come inside, relax, and discover yourself



Don't be afraid of the dark, because inside you will see the lights. This installation is portrayed as an inner part of human's brain that involves decision making. A room filled with neuron lights that looks like fireflies, empowers you to decide to be whoever you want to be without the fear of being judged. Be that lady boss, fearless leader, or fashionista. While you're here don't forget to Strike a Poze, because why not? #KenapaNggak.

Sponsored by: AXIS